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Meeting Your Payment Processing Needs Under One Roof




Business Meeting
We’re not just in the payments business;
we’re in the people business.

We love what we get to do for our clients. We love solving point of sale/payment processing problems and helping to implement the solutions that make businesses run better to benefit everyone involved

At BigHouse Payment Solutions, we like to say, meeting all your payment processing needs under one roof. We are committed to working hard to handle every need our clients have; whether simple or complex, we want to be the one point of contact. At the same time that we want to be BIG at meeting needs and solving problems, we also want our clients to be at home with us when it comes to doing business...hence the name, BigHouse.

When we talk about our identity as an organization, there are certain characteristics by which we want to be known. These characteristics serve as a measuring stick for us to operate, both externally - towards our clients and the communities in which we conduct business - and internally - towards one another (the people on our team). We call these identifying markers our three I's.

Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 8.30.20 PM (2)

Integrity is about keeping our word, and it is also about being real with our clients and teammates.

If we don't know the answer to the question, we don't take the "fake it until you make it" approach. We simply say, "I don't know, but I will find out," and then we get to work finding out. Integrity means that we do our best to never over-promise and under-deliver.

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We don't just find hard-working, smart people to join our team. We want smart people who are willing to work hard at getting smarter. This drive for improvement should cascade from the top of the organization.


Our industry is technology driven, which means that it is ever changing, growing, and evolving. We cannot rest on yesterday's information. For our sake and our clients’ sake, we have to be hyper-motivated towards learning and growing every day and applying that knowledge to how we serve our clients.

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We will not be a nameless, faceless organization. We want our clients and our communities to know who we are. We commit to have genuine, mutually beneficial relationships with our teammates and our clients. When we look at our communities, we want to look for opportunities to serve and not just be served.






CardConnect's mission is to make payments simple and secure.


Since its  inception in 2006, CardConnect  has been developing advanced payment solutions backed by patented, PCI- validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization. Today, more than 67,000 businesses, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to youthful startups, use CardConnect to securely process and manage their transactions.


Total System Services is a United States credit card processor, merchant acquirer and bank credit card issuer.


TSYS provides payment processing, merchant, and related payment services to financial and nonfinancial institutions in the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and internationally.


PayProTec has helped tens of thousands of merchants nationwide seamlessly accept payments at their storefronts, web property, and mobile environments for over a decade.

Realizing that every company has different needs, PayProTec offers an array of options for clients, from point of sale solutions and credit card terminals to an ecommerce platform. They ensure increased revenue capabilities, next day funding, and exceptional service.


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